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“Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend Tammy as a short sale agent to anybody that I know. We put up our house last year for a short sale, and needless to say the entire process was a challenge, especially when it came down to the time when the acceptance of the offer was a crucial step to finalize the process. Tammy went above and beyond her job duties as an agent to facilitate the whole process and made the most challenging task become achievable. Our family was very impressed and grateful with her support and guidance. No matter how busy it was, Tammy always managed to respond to us when we needed her help or advice during the process. Facing the fact that we would be losing our first home was definitively an emotional situation. We were very lucky to have Tammy as our agent who stood beside us the whole time. She did her best to get us through this difficult time with the least emotional impact. During the short sale process, we encountered many obstacles and were very close to facing the risk of foreclosure, but Tammy’s perseverance and her attention to detail, the sale was finalized in success. Having compassion for clients and passion for the job have made Tammy a true expert in her specialty. Her knowledge of today’s real estate market is unquestionable. Tammy will get the job done and the job will be done right the first time. Once again, our family would like to extent our deep appreciation to Tammy’s kindness and professional guidance in helping us go through a successful short sale process.”

-The Vo family

“Tammy is the most knowledgeable real estate professional I have ever worked with. She was extremely thorough and took time to explain the short sale process from start to close. She and her team were great to work with and always available to answer any questions we had. Tammy even beat her original estimated time to close. She blew our expectations away with her service, expertise and professionalism. I was especially impressed that she takes the time to keep educated on current real estate matters by attending conferences and continuing education courses. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone looking to purchase or sale a home.”

-F. Carney

“Tammy was referred to me. I knew that she was good at her work, but not until she helped short-sale my secondary home that I realized how great she is in real estate. I had a second home that was out of my residential state and also outside of Nevada. It was on the market with another agent for about a year without any progress. When I became desperate, I discussed my situation with Tammy about and she told me that she can help. And with her magic, she got my house short-sold within a short period of time. Her magic was no more than her hard work, energetic nature, efficiency, vast knowledge in real estate, and profound experience in the business. The best part of all this transaction was that Tammy kept me informed of the progress at all time.
Make Tammy your agent, I guarantee that you will be satisfied, with no headache.”

Dr. K. Tran

"Tammy Truong demonstrates the epitome of professionalism. She is passionate and caring, knowledgeable and articulate. She will work like no one else to get your home closed."

C. Browne

“I live in California and I wanted to purchase an investment property in Vegas. Tammy was referral to me by other investors. I told Tammy I wanted to receive a good return on my investment and I don’t have time to view the property I left it up to her to decide. She has made the transaction smooth and profitable. I am now purchasing multiple properties without viewing them. I highly recommend her.”

M. Law

Tammy Truong, Broker/Owner